None of Your Kind, Thank You

It has come to our attentions that a local rube, some "Adam" whose ignominious surname we shall kindly abstain from presenting to the public, has most shamefully fostered and even advertised through the medium of free electronic "webbed logs" the prospect of an unspecified "alliance" between his self-styled Cleveland Park Men's Club and our own esteemed personages.

While such plebian opiates and pass-the-times as internet prosody are not counted among the number of our usual gentlemanly pursuits, we thought it fitting for the help to post this notice online in the interest of disabusing the public of any unfortunate deceptions the rapscalions of Cleveland Park have perpetrated. The gentlemen of the Capital Area Social Society disavow any such affiliations with the lower classes, and shall continue in our collective endeavours of manipulating the public governance, consolidating our wealth, and enjoying the pleasures of godless decadence. We advise the petit bourgeoise of the Cleveland Park ghettos to resume their patronization of our public drinking-houses and mid-to-lower-level management posts beneath the glass ceiling that we have thus far so mercifully abstained from bringing down on your heads.

With sincerity,
The Capital Area Social Society.